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CHICKEN COOP CHICKEN COOP I've got a new chicken coop that I have built. It will handle up to 6 hens and is built to be easy to clean and will last a long time. It's elevated to give the girls a place to go when it's raining or they are afraid. The legs can be cut off if you want to set it on the ground. Denison $ 200.00 USD
custom concrete work , 20 yrs exp custom concrete work , 20 yrs exp Concrete slabs for metal buildings , retainer walls stim walls, drive ways , patios etc. Call Don 20 yrs exp. kingston $ 1.00 USD
Giant Thrift store/ Eletrical,Plumbing,Fishing,Too Giant Thrift store/ Eletrical,Plumbing,Fishing,Too We have Furniture, appliances, Irrigation, Home Furnishings and so much more. We have Antique items. window treatments. Toys ,desk, Lighting and much more. Gordonville $ 2.00 USD
SPRING 2015 BABY CHICKS and GUINEAS SPRING 2015 BABY CHICKS and GUINEAS I am currently taking orders for Spring 2015 baby chicks and guinea keets, get your orders in today!! I will start setting my orders as soon as my hens start laying well enough, hopefully in the next few weeks. I will have some baby chicks available on February 12th, I just set what eggs I had available, I should have some Ameraucanas, Black Copper Marans, Wheaten Marans, Isbars, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, and a few Legbars. I raise show quality and/or rare, extremely rare chickens and rare colors of guineas. All my birds have been purchased from the finest bloodlines/stock available, I have many years and a lot of money invested in the quality of stock I own, the birds are all superior quality. All my chickens and guineas are pure-bred, each variety is housed separately. All baby chicks and keets are sold as ST. RUN (as hatched) ONLY! The only birds that I sell as pullets and cockerels are the Crested Cream Legbars, they are an auto-sexing bird. All baby chicks/keets are available as pick-up only, I DO NOT SHIP ANY LIVE BIRDS!!! The chicks/keets must be picked up in Windom, Honey Grove, or Ladonia, TX. I do ship hatching eggs, shipping runs about $10.00 - $15.00 per dozen, depending on your location, plus the cost of the eggs. The breeds I have are: AMERAUCANAS: (Blue, Black, and Splash) $4.00 (Lavender) $6.00 BARNEVELDERS: $4.00 BLUE LACED RED WYANDOTTES: $5.00 BLACK COPPER MARANS: $5.00 BLUE ISBARS: $20.00 BLUE MARANS: $4.00 CRESTED CREAM LEGBARS: $15.00 (pullets) $5.00 (males) CUCKOO MARANS: $4.00 WHEATEN MARANS: $6.00 OLIVE EGGERS: These chicks will be an unique cross between my French Black Copper Marans rooster and extremely rare Blue Isbar hens. $5.00 PARTRIDGE PENEDESENCAS: $4.00 GUINEAS: (Chocolate, Slate, Violet) $4.00 Please email or call for more information, or to place an order. I check my email daily, so I will respond ASAP. NO TEXT MESSAGES PLEASE! I can/will NOT respond to any text messages. If you call and I do no Windom -
AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES (CZECH, DDR, SZ) LINES AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES (CZECH, DDR, SZ) LINES AKC German Shepherd puppies, these puppies were born on January 19th, 2015. The puppies will be ready for their new loving homes starting on March 9th. They will be up-to-date with all shots/wormings. The sire and dam of these puppies are from champion/titled/imported DDR (East Germany), Czech, and SZ (West Germany) bloodlines. The sire Maximus Vom Haus is a beautiful dark/black sable male, his sire's sire was a titled 1 FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) dog. You can view his outstanding pedigree at: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=716123-maximus-vom-haus&p=7-generation-pedigree The dam Abby Vom Grecia is a gorgeous Black/Red female, she also comes from titled pure German bloodlines. You can view her pedigree at: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=673176-abby-von-grecia&p=7-generation-pedigree These are some very high quality puppies. This litter consist of 6 females and 3 males. I have 5 dark sable puppies (3 males and 2 females), and 4 Black/Red/Tan (4 females). The puppies are $500.00 if you want limited AKC registration or $600.00 if you want full AKC registration. The first picture is the sire Max, the second picture is the dam Abby, and the last 2 pictures are 2 puppies from their previous litter last year. Please call or email for more information, and/or to reserve a puppy. No text messages please. Windom $ 500.00 USD
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